The Pharmacognosy Institute at the University of Illinois Chicago College of Pharmacy

The UIC Pharmacognosy Institute

The Pharmacognosy Institute at the UIC College of Pharmacy was established in 2020. It evolved from the UIC Botanical Center, which had been established in 1999.

The Pharmacognosy Institute integrates various UIC hallmark programs in pharmacognosy (“Pcog”) and adjacent the natural products sciences, particularly the Program for Collaborative Research in the Pharmaceutical Sciences (PCRPS) established in 1982.

The Pharmacognosy Institute is “built” on three columns – Technology, Interaction, and Ethnobotany, aimed as TIEing natural products research together. This allow a holistic yet comprehensive evaluation of plant-based medicines, dietary supplements, and functional foods.

In line with the three-column “TIE” structure, the Pharmacognosy Institute consists of three Collaborative Groups: TCoG, ICoG, and ECoG. Each Collaborative Group has Specific Activities and Projects, some of which overlap between them – as is typical for the collaborative scholarship model that has made our programs successful.

Our Specific Activities & Projects