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ECoG Seminar Series for HON 201

Overview of Seminars Heading link

Plant Medicine from Rainforest to Metropolis – A Legacy for the Future Heading link

Topic Instructor
Introduction and overview of the course Elkington
Atkins Medicinal Plant Garden - Plant Taxonomy  Soejarto / Elkington
LHS - Research methods with librarian Griffin
LHS - History of Materia Medica Touwaide & Appetiti
Botanicals and Herbal Supplements Gyllenhaal
Drug Discovery Process and Intellectual Property Santarsiero / Soejarto
Quality Standards / Toxicology Waller
Plant Panaceas Pauli
Plants and Oral Health Wu
FMNH - Plant Collection for Research, Herbarium, Community Gardens & Plant Medicine Soejarto / Michel
Traditional Chinese Medicine Che
Ethnobotany in Peru Graham
Ethnobotany in Burkina Faso Elkington
Ethnobotany in Guatemala Michel
Last Class: Discussion & Processing Elkington & others