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Center Publications

Botanical Center Publication Statistics Heading link

UIC Botanical Center Publication Statistics since 1999

The UIC Botanical Center has been disseminated its diverse research outcomes very actively by publishing peer-reviewed articles in top-journals in the field of natural products, pharmacology, nutrition, and clinical research.

Since its inception in 1999, the Center has maintained a high productivity in disseminating its research results: it has published over 260 articles, at a 5-year average rate of 10-16 publications per year.

Publication outlets encompass the following journals:

  • Journal of Natural Products, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
  • Chemical Research in Toxicology, Cancer Prevention Research
  • Menopause, Phytomedicine, Fitoterapia
  • Drug Metabolism and Disposition, American Journal of Mass Spectrometry
  • Analytical Chemistry

Every 10th UIC Botanical Center Publication Is Highly Cited Heading link

UIC BRC has published 3-5-fold more highly cited articles than its peers. Of the 259 papers that the UIC BRC published in the period 1999 to 2020, 25 papers had 100 or more citations. This means that 10% of BRC publications are highly cited articles. Relative to peer publications in well-established journals in the field of plant natural products, dietary supplements, nutrition, and analysis, this compares as follows:

  • In the journal Planta Medica 2009-2019: of 2,272 papers published, 29 papers had >=100 citations = 1.3%
  • In the Journal of Natural Products 1999-2019: of 6,892 papers published, 195 papers had >=100 citations = 2.8%
  • In the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2009-2019: of 14,565 papers published, 388 papers had >=100 citations = 2.7%

List of Highly Cited UIC BRC Publications with 100 or More Citations

As of Jul 2021, the following 25 UIC BRC articles had 100 or more citations. (Click to unfold the list)

Complete List of Center Publications | 260+ Articles since 1999 Heading link

The following is a list of center publications since 1999. If you wish to jump directly to a specific year, use the links below.