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Aug 1 2022

CCC 2022 Online: 11th International Countercurrent Chromatography Conference

CCC 20nn Series of Countercurrent Chromatography Conferences

August 1 - 2, 2022


Online/virtual conference


Chicago, IL 60612

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The Countercurrent Chromatography Conference 2022, CCC 2022 Online, is a two day online symposium scheduled for August 1-2, 2022. The conference webpage can be found at

The COVID19 pandemic has not spared the CCC20xx series of meetings, which convened every two years since 2000. CCC 2022 Online seeks to reinvigorate the CCC20xx meeting series and provide an opportunity to catch-up with each other, review the current state of countercurrent and partition separation science, and hopefully stimulate future work and collaboration. The virtual meeting platform will allow expanded participation by attracting scientists who had difficulties participating due to travel/budget constraints, and makes this venue independent of contemporary travel restrictions.

Using an online format, the conference is timed such that global participation is feasible, using the following daily schedule: 7-11 CT 8-12 ET 5-9 PT | Europe [CT+6..8] 13-18-15…20 | China [CT +13] 20-24 | Korea Japan [CT +14]] 21-1


Guido Pauli

Date posted

Jan 5, 2022

Date updated

Jan 5, 2022